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Contact the Calgary Simulator Training Centre for course fees and more information: 


Twin Otter Training Overview

De Havilland Aviation Training is pleased to offer a full range of Twin Otter simulator courses at our Training Centre in Calgary, Canada.


The simulator is qualified Level-D in the wheels configuration by Transport Canada, EASA, CAAC, CAC, and more.


The simulator is also the world’s first true seaplane trainer and provides Twin Otter seaplane pilots with the opportunity to safely practice takeoffs and landings in a range of sea states, winds, and water conditions including glassy water.


Click below for more information on wheelplane and amphibian/seaplane training programs.


Standard Courses

  • Initial

  • Recurrent

  • Legacy to Series 400 Differences

  • Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI)

  • Enhanced Ground Handling (EGH)

  • Reduced Ground Roll (RGR)


Amphibian/Seaplane Courses

  • Amphibian/Seaplane Transition

  • Recurrent Seaplane

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