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Twin Otter Training

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06 - Amphibian/Seaplane Transition

We are excited to launch DHC-6 Series 400 Amphibian/Seaplane simulator courses. These courses provide transition training for a qualified DHC-6-400 wheelplane pilot with a seaplane endorsement to transition to the amphibian/seaplane variant. The courses can be delivered stand-alone or in conjunction with the standard DHC-6-400 Initial Type Course.

Candidates will receive a full range of training in normal and emergency procedures. The advantage of simulator training is the ability to practice scenarios that cannot be safely simulated in the actual aircraft. The training leads to an increase in safety margins and pilot confidence when dealing with similar situations.


The courses are designed in a modular format to allow operators to choose the type of training they require custom to their operation. Maximum training duration is six (6) days.


  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL) or military equivalent

  • Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MIFR)

  • Multi-Engine Seaplane Class Rating

  • Current type rating on DHC-6-400 wheelplane or training bundled with DHC-6-400 Initial Type Course

  • Aviation English (level 4)

  • Applicants must meet the licensing requirements and specific details for individual permits, licenses, ratings and medical requirements

Training Description

All courses include one (1) day of Theoretical (classroom) training before practical training modules below.

LP-1: Normal Procedures – Land: Normal procedures training   for the operation of the DHC-6 amphibian on land.

LP-2: Normal Procedures – Water *: Normal procedures training   for the operation of the DHC-6 amphibian on water.

LP-3: Abnormal and Emergency Procedures – Land: Abnormal and emergency   procedures training for the operation of the DHC-6 amphibian on land.

LP-4: Abnormal and   Emergency Procedures – Water *: Abnormal and emergency procedures training for the operation of the DHC-6 amphibian on water.

LP-5: Advanced Techniques – Water *: Advanced techniques for operation of the DHC-6 amphibian on water in challenging conditions and   locations.

* Amphibian/Seaplane training modules (LP-2, LP-4, and LP-5) provide each pilot with 2 hours of experience as Pilot Flying (PF) and 2 hours of experience as an observer. In the wheelplane or amphibious land training, crew members are trained concurrently and receive both PF and Pilot Monitoring (PM) experience, however, the unique demands of seaplane transition training necessitate the instructor occupying the second pilot seat during these modules.

For more details on course options and timetables, see the Amphibian/Seaplane Training Program Overview.

Contact us to book now or if you have further queries.

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