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Twin Otter Training

Contact the Calgary Training Centre for course fees and more information: 

Call +1-403-230-0215 or Click Here

04 - Reduced Ground Roll (RGR)

The course is designed to address only take-off procedures. The Reduced Ground Roll (RGR) – 20 Degree Flap Take-Off procedures are outlined in the Transport Canada (TC) approved Viking AFM supplements for the DHC-6 Series 100, 200, 300, 400 and variants. Operators must contact their local regulatory authority to determine if this training program presents an acceptable means of compliance for employing the RGR – 20 Degree Flap Take-off procedures.

Although suggested procedures are provided throughout this course, it must be understood that no two situations will be the same (wind, cloud, visibility, surface and surrounding terrain may all vary) and it is up to the pilot to determine the safest means to conduct the operation based on experience.


Initial RGR Course: Three (3) days

Recurrent RGR Course: One (1) day


  • Aviation English (level 4)

  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

  • Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MIFR)

  • Applicants must meet the licensing requirements and specific details for individual permits, licenses, ratings and medical requirements.

  • Current on DHC-6 aircraft.

Training Description

These courses can be taken stand-alone or bundled with other training programs.

Initial RGR Course

Ground School – 8 hours, 1 day

Full Flight Simulator – 8 hours, 2 days

Recurrent RGR Course

Full Flight Simulator – 4 hours, 1 day

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