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Twin Otter Training

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03 - Enhanced Ground Handling (EGH)

Enhanced Ground Handling familiarizes students with the various factors that can contribute to loss of control of the aircraft in the takeoff and landing phases of flight, followed by techniques and strategies to manage them.

Students practice taxiing the aircraft in varying wind conditions at various speeds in order to become proficient and comfortable with the use of rudder, asymmetric reverse power, brakes and nosewheel steering to safely control the aircraft on the ground. Students then practice takeoffs and landings in various conditions, up to and including the aircraft’s maximum demonstrated crosswind and tailwind components, gusty winds, and short/narrow runways.

The skills developed during EGH training increase the confidence and skill level of the pilot when operating in challenging conditions. This results in a substantial improvement to safety.


Initial EGH Course: Two (2) days

Recurrent EGH Course: One (1) day


  • Aviation English (level 4)

  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

  • Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MIFR)

  • Applicants must meet the licensing requirements and specific details for individual permits, licenses, ratings and medical requirements.

  • Current on DHC-6 aircraft.

Training Description

These courses can be taken stand-alone or bundled with other training programs.

Initial EGH Course

Full Flight Simulator – 8 hours, 2 days

Recurrent EGH Course

Full Flight Simulator – 4 hours, 1 day

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