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The Twin Otter Level “D” Full Flight Simulator Installation Complete!

Rob McIntyre and David Reid take their first flight on the Twin Otter Level D Full Flight Simulator in YYC this week and they are extremely impressed!

The Twin Otter Level “D” Full Flight Simulator Installation Complete!

Mauro Pezzetta, Pacific Sky General Manager and Alain Lussier, Pacific Sky Technical Manager give a very enthusiastic thumbs up after their successful sim flyout!

The Twin Otter Level “D” Full Flight Simulator (FFS) and Flat Panel Trainer (FPT) installation is complete at the Pacific Sky Aviation training centre in Calgary! This FFS is the first Level “D” Twin Otter simulator in the world, and will provide aircraft operators with the highest level of training possible to enhance flight crew proficiency and safety of operations. 

The FFS and FPT arrived at the end of July after travelling across Canada from the TRU Simulation facility in Montreal. The Pacific Sky training team watched the TRU Simulation installation team with great enthusiasm as the devices were installed. On August 24th, the FFS was functioning on its full range of motion. Pacific Sky and TRU Simulation are now preparing for final testing and Transport Canada Certification! Initial, Recurrent, Differences training courses will be available starting in November. 

Customer interest has been strong and the training schedule is filling up!

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