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CL Series Maintenance Training

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Contact the Calgary Training Centre for course fees and more information: 

Call +1-403-230-0215 or Click Here

CL-215T Maintenance Initial

De Havilland Aviation Training offers CL-215T OEM approved training courses in a classroom environment. Our training program for the pilot initial specializes in pilot aircraft system orientations conducted by our professional, highly experienced instructors.

NOTE: There is no set schedule for the CL-215T Pilot Maintenance Initial course. All training is scheduled as per Customer requirement on a first come first serve basis. Training is normally conducted at the customer’s facility, if the customer is unable to provide an adequate training environment, other arrangements can be made.


15 Days/120 Hours

Supporting Documents

CL-215T PSP 392 Maintenance Manual

CL-215T PSP 393 Wiring Diagram Manual and System Schematic Manual

CL-215T PSP 394 Parts Catalogue

CL-215T Maintenance Training Guide (MTG)

Questionnaire and Schematic Handout

Training Description

Ground School (GS)
Duration: 120 hours – 15 Days

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